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Rehoboth Worship Center

In 2002 while we was traveling in Florida holding some revival meeting, right before we were return home to the church we were pastoring God spoke to me to “build a new church”.  We returned with great expectations the church we were pasturing had grown, we needed more room.  I will never forget 2002 a year of great promise, great trial, great let-down, great victory.  Time wouldn’t allow to share the transition let me say it was quite a journey, but I do know the third week of January 2002 God spoke into me, nine months later the third week of September we stood at the door at 1901 Point of Rocks Rd. with key in hand, to not just build a new building, but also to build a new church.

Prior to that time we had started a 40 day in-house rehab for men with addictions we called it Rehoboth House out of the 26th chapter of Genesis, we discussed a name for our new church, we decided to call it Rehoboth Worship Center.  Issac’s well in Genesis 26 was free of strife and contention, a place where the Lord made room for them and they could be fruitful in the earth.

The building we started in new has become a temporary fellowship hall, God allowed us to build a beautiful 10,000 sq. ft. building the 8 ˝ acres, gave us great a great staff of people to perform the work of ministry, with much to be done there is room for you at Rehoboth!

Pastors David and Patsy Emge 

Sometime in the later part of 1979, God begin to deal with them to surrender, little did they know or recognize that God would raise them up to do his work on this earth.  God did a quick work and in 1981 with very little experience launched them out in Evangelistic work with 5 children, traveling full time preaching in small churches, auditoriums and with a gospel tent, having powerful out pouring of God's Spirit, great platforms of opportunity including radio and television.

I believe this was a great training process for what God had in store for their ministry, after growing tired of full-time ministry in the early 90's they settled down in Wilmington, Delaware, traveling some, preaching in local churches, helping to strengthen the body of Christ.

Somewhere in their messages was the great desire to equip, strengthen, mature the saints, even though salvation was preached and countless souls saved, there was always this divine call to build up the church.

Some time in 1996, God opened a door to drive twice a month to Richmond, VA and in as Pastor of a church, somehow it turned to 3 times a month, then 4 and in 1999 after much prayer and reasoning with some of their children who had followed them to Delaware to live, they made the move to Richmond area.

"And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not:
and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said,
For now the LORD hath made room for us,
and we shall be fruitful in the land."  Genesis 26:22

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Rehoboth Worship Center
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